Carpet flooring, performance, and longevity

Carpeting adds warmth, charm, and a touch of luxury to any home, but the right or wrong style can impact your remodeling project. That is because some may work better for your particular lifestyle, needs, and desires than others. Get familiar with these floor covering styles, so you'll choose what's right for you.

Carpet 101

Every rug starts as a straight loop, meaning that fiber loops are attached to the backing, much like a needlepoint action. Then, they either stay as is, called the straight-looped construction, or cut into fibers of various lengths, called piles. There are high, low, and medium pile cuts.

Know these styles

1. Berber: This straight looped construction has a neutral background with flecks of gray or brown and is now available in solid and multi-colors. These rugs are durable, stylish, and soft.

2. Saxony: This iconic rug is a cut pile with short, even fibers, available in two versions: Saxony Straight (sometimes called Saxony Velvet) has a soft, luxurious, formal look. Saxony Texture (also called Saxony Trackless) is suitable for casual or formal atmospheres.

3. Shag: This is a high pile rug with long, loose fibers, available in an extensive color palette of both solid hues and multi tones. It requires a little extra TLC to keep it clean, so it's best for low-traffic rooms.

4. Frieze: This has long fibers so tightly twisted they curl, with the yarns going in all directions. This highly durable rug is suitable for casual areas, like family rooms.

5. Cut and loop: This is as it sounds, with the varying yarns creating patterns such as diamonds or geometrics.

6. Low pile: These have short, tightly woven fibers and are stylish, more durable, and easier to keep clean than high pile rugs, which is why you often see them in style-driven offices, such as advertising shops.

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